Most car owners are aware that routine maintenance is important. Nonetheless, some choose to ignore car maintenance requirements, which can have serious consequences down the road. About 12% to 13% of car accidents are caused by mechanical failures, such as tire problems, bad brakes, and manufacturing defects. Tire and brake problems can usually be avoided with maintenance; aside from safety, there are many other reasons to take maintenance seriously.

Improved Performance

An oil change can keep your engine running smoothly and prevent dirt and particulates from causing premature wear. Over the long run, procrastinating on an oil change can leave you stranded. Oil and fluid checks, new sparks, and other routine types of maintenance can make your car more reliable and improve gas mileage. A simple air filter change can get you more miles per gallon.

Keep Your Warranty

If you want your vehicle’s warranty to remain valid, stick to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, which tells you when to maintain your car. Otherwise your vehicle’s warranty could be voided, and you’ll be stuck with the bill for expensive repairs. It’s not unheard of for things to go wrong. And it’s always good to be covered.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Maintenance can literally save you thousands of dollars. Tires can last much longer when they’re kept full; if you lapse on maintenance, tires can wear more quickly and blow out, which is an immediate and dangerous safety issue. Suspension damage may occur due to bad tires. Neither are cheap to replace. Avoid routine maintenance and you may also fit the bill for a new engine.

Prevent Wasted Time

You might wait a couple of hours at a shop for an oil change. But if major engine repairs are needed, your car might be out of service for days. Maintenance can prevent avoidable breakdowns due to bad tires, brakes, batteries, starters, and other components, so you spend more time on the road instead of the shop.

Increased Value

Whether you turn in your vehicle to a dealer or sell it to a buyer, the tide is often more in your favor if you’ve kept up with maintenance. Proving you’ve done so to potential buyers can lead to a more profitable sale. Therefore, keep your appointments as well as your receipts. Various mobile apps let you track car maintenance for this reason, not to mention help stick to your schedule and extend the life of your car.

Environmental Responsibility

A poorly maintained car releases more harmful gases and particulates and is less fuel efficient. Running malfunctioning parts can release environmental pollutants as well. Car maintenance can therefore literally equal cleaner air and a safer environment for all.

Maintenance Recommendations are Issued for a Reason

The most important car maintenance tips are to get oil changes every 5,000 miles and have regular brake checks, tune ups, and other recommended services. Maintenance requirements depend on how long specific parts are expected to last, so replace them according to factory guidelines before they fail. Also, seek repairs at the first sign of trouble to avoid breakdowns and expensive damage.

Car Maintenance, Repairs, and Sales

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