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Used Toyota for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

The Used Toyota Car Dealership with the Best Selection

When you’ve chosen to buy a pre-owned Toyota, you want to be certain that you’re getting the best price. But you also want to ensure that the vehicle you’re purchasing is of the highest quality. That’s why you want to choose the right used Toyota car dealership.

Cars 911 is the best choice for used car dealerships in Los Angeles. Not only do we offer the best price of any used car dealers, we also hand-pick all our vehicles. We’ve been visiting auctions across the southwest for over 30 years, so that we are able bring you a wide selection at the best price. We never bring salvaged vehicles onto our lot, and we offer many pre-owned vehicles that are still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to affordable prices and daily specials, we also offer easy financing and a 6-month comprehensive warranty.

Cars 911 also knows how to work with people who aren’t sure of their credit or even have bad credit. Check our website to find out more about how we can work with you, and don’t forget to ask about our incredible financing options. We are the used Toyota dealer that offers peace of mind and ease when you’re ready to buy your next pre-owned vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a used Toyota Corolla or a used Toyota Highlander, we have a wide variety of the best cars to choose from.

Used Toyota Corolla:  There’s a reason why this compact car has been a popular choice for half of a century, offering reliability, sophistication and fun. This isn’t the same as your dad’s corolla, as it offers the latest integrated technology as well as a wide range of safety features.

Used Toyota Tundra: When you want a truck that will get the job done, and look great while doing it, then the Toyota Tundra is a great choice. Rugged and stylish with that Toyota reliability. The Tundra offers a towing capacity from 6,400 to 10,200 lbs.

Used Toyota Camry: The mid-size Camry offers an unparalleled driving experience. A sporty look and feel is combined with features that maximize comfort and quiet.

Used Toyota Highlander: The SUV that seats eight, offers top performance and comfort along with thoughtful details like five USB ports, stylish design, excellent safety features and top performance.

Used Toyota Prius: Known for its excellent fuel economy & top of the line technology, the Toyota Prius remains one of the most popular Toyota models on the road.

Used Toyota Tacoma: The Toyota Tacoma offers plenty of towing power, a comfortable driving experience and is known for it’s renowned safety & reliability.

Whichever model is right for you, we’ve got the one you’re looking for at the right price. So check out our inventory, see what our daily deals are or come down to the lot to test drive a used Toyota from our wide selection. Cars 911 is Los Angeles’ best choice of used car dealers. It’s where your search for the best car for the best price, begins and ends.

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