5 Questions To Ask When Buying A Car

Used cars in Los Angeles can offer excellent value, as long as you know what to ask when buying a used car. When purchasing a used car, be sure you ask everything mentioned below, in order that you get the car that is the best fit for your lifestyle, budget and personal preferences.

1. Are the Maintenance Records Available?

Maintenance records can help you to determine if the previous owner took good care of the car. When reviewing the maintenance records, look for items such as regular oil changes and inspections. Sometimes official maintenance records are not available, but the previous owner may have kept car service receipts, which are just as good.

2. Has the Car Been in Any Accidents?

The reason you want to know if the car has been in any accidents is because sometimes accidents can cause internal damage to a car along with physical body damage. At a reputable dealership such as Cars911, you can get access to the car’s Carfax report, which will give you a full history of the car, including any accident reports. Remember, even if a car has been in an accident, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should pass on it. If the car was properly repaired, there shouldn’t be any further problems relating to the accident.

3. Do all the Features Work?

Your used car will have a list of features, but not all of them may be in perfect working order. If you’re purchasing an older used car, some of the features may not be in 100% operating order. This is a good question to ask, because the dealer for used cars in Los Angeles may be able to restore some or all of those features for you.

4. What Kind of Financing is Available?

Buying a used car is a great way to fix your credit. A car loan will be reported on your credit report each time you make a payment. If you make all your payments in full and on time, this can help raise your credit score over time. Ask about financing options at your dealer for used cars in Los Angeles. Be sure to carefully consider how much you can afford to pay for your car loan each month, so that you will be easily able to afford your payments.

5. Can You Get Approved Online?

One of the things that worries people most about buying a used car is suffering the embarrassment of not getting approved for a car loan. At Cars911, you can get approved online, in the privacy of your home. Once you’re approved, you can visit the showroom and choose from among the cars that fit within your approval amount. Not all car dealerships offer online approval options, so this is a great question to ask ahead of time.

Cars911 is committed to offering you quality used cars in Los Angeles. For a great selection and inventory choice, call, email, or come on in and visit Cars911 today. We’re looking forward to being your favorite Los Angeles car dealership!